Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Patch Adams Soundtrack

I was listening to the soundtrack from Patch Adams today and I realized how many of my favorite films have Robin Williams in the lead role.
Mrs. Doubtfire
The world according to Garp
Dead Poets Society
The Fisher King
Being Human
Good Will Hunting
What Dreams May Come
Jakob the Liar
One Hour Photo
The Final Cut
The Night Listener
And of course Patch Adams.  Originally I got the soundtrack for the great Rock and Roll Songs that were in the soundtrack but then as I listened I was impressed how the score took me back to the film.  The scenes were imprinted on my memory by listening to the beautiful music written by Mark ShaimanShaiman is a composer lyricist and performer and performed on Saturday Night Live. 
Music are so useful in bringing out emotion and I use them a lot in therapy work when I help people find a feeling vocabulary.  You have the client listen to the music and narrate a story and the feelings the music create in their imagination.  

Patch Adams is of course a real person who is dedicated to building a hospital based on his belief that laughter is very healing.  I totally believe in his concepts.

I hope you enjoy the music and clips.

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