Saturday, February 4, 2012

I return! My Desert Island Playlist

After exploring the i-pod I got myself an I pad and realized the possibilities of music and writing became a second and third priority and then not at all. A collector is always looking for novelty and that is where my journey took me.  So I have not listened to all my tape collection.  I have created a play list of my favorite recordings of all time and so because one song at a time might be easier to write about over a period of time we will try this because I love to research information about music. 

As a kid growing up in England I used to love a radio show called Desert Island Discs and used to listen to it at my Grandma Grimshaw's house.  The program was based on the premise of getting famous people to decide what eight recordings they would choose to take if they were wrecked on a desert island and the program still exists and is celebrating 70 years of Broadcasting with asking their listeners what their discs would be.  I couldn't decide on eight so I created a Desert Island Play list. It now has a home on Spotify and right now has 768 tracks on it. 

So in order to introduce the process Let us here the theme tune of Desert Island Discs

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