Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Travelling Lady Rides again then came the children

Rosalie Sorrels was a sixties folk artist that lived in Salt Lake City in the first part of the sixties.  My sister Nancy was one of her son's David's friends.
The tape I listed to was one of two live albums she did.
The first was Then came the Children  which is a live album.
Release Date: 1985 (Re-release 1991 on CD)  Record label: Green Linnet (2099)Notes: Rosalie Sorrels with Bruce Carver recorded live at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre on February 26, 1984. Songs: - Then came the children—Bride 1945—Girls in our town—Rosie Jane—Mother's day song—Delia Rose—What was the colour—Song for daughters/mama—Rosalie you can't go home again.

Rosalie is a marvelous storyteller and the introduction to the second song about her mother and her neighbor Margaret is wonderful.  The lyrics are about women's and social issues but done in story form.  I miss those days when social activism and music joined together.  Rosalie was a friend of another Utah folkie by the name of Utah Phillips.  He is a fellow graduate of East High School in Salt Lake City.  I first was aware of him when he ran for the Senate in Utah in 1968. 

 The second  album is The Travelling Lady Rides Again. From Rosalie's web site, "One of my favorite things about the CDs I've made is the wonderful musicians I've been lucky enough to work with. Two of my favorite music albums are among those I'm offering. First, TRAVELING LADY RIDES AGAIN, released by Philo Records in 1976. I can't remember having more fun. I love all the songs and the music still hangs together.
"The first time I saw Rosalie, she was on the small stage of a quiet underground bistro in Aspen in an audience of ski-bums, fun-hogs, Okies, dolls in cute parkas, construction workers in ski-boots and the snow was falling to beat hell. It was something like twenty below and it made all those monsters drink in great smacks, arms slapped around, fingers in mugs swashbuckling ways of men downing drinks in slaps at the open mouths. Rosalie just kept singing quietly. She was anything but shy, it just happened to be a quiet song. Her face is skinny. She looks about nineteen from the side, but her songs sound like she's forty. Who knows? The main thing to remember is that it sounded true." - ALBUM NOTES... Oscar Zeta Acosta

  1. TRAVELING LADY (Rosalie Sorrels)
  2. I LIKE IT (Mayne Smith)
  3. WE WERE KINDA CRAZY THEN (Susanna Clark)
  4. TRUCKER'S CAFE (Sylvia Tyson)
  5. GOING AWAY (Bruce Phillips)
  6. I REMEMBER LOVING YOU (Bruce Phillips)
  7. TALKIN' WOLVERINE 14 (Bruce Phillips & Andy Cohen)
  8. FEATHER BEN (Peter Bowen)
  9. BAD GIRL'S LEMENT (Traditional)
  10. POST CARD FROM INDIA (Rosalie Sorrels)
Listening to these two albums have rekindled an old affinity to songs that say something about living life and tell a story. 

Another day, some wonderful music. 

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